Why We Love the Milpitas Library

The Walker family took a few moments out of their day to tell us why they love the Milpitas Public Library.

We want to get to know the people of Milpitas better, and what they love about their hometown. So, each week, Milpitas Patch will be out and about in town, meeting people and talking to them about why they love this city.

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This week, we met Heather Walker and her sons Brian, 13, and Clay, 11, diving into a pile of good books at one of their favorite local places, the .

PATCH: How long have you and your family lived in Milpitas?

WALKER: Around 14 to 15 years now.

PATCH: What brings you to the library today?

WALKER: Well, we love to read!

PATCH: Why do you like the Milpitas Library in particular?

WALKER: It's big, and they have a really good selection of books. In fact, we even have friends who live in Fremont who like to drive all the way down here to come to this library, because they say it's better than their library in Fremont.

PATCH: What kinds of books do your sons look for when you come here?

WALKER: Brian really likes books about World War II, and he finds a lot of good ones here. And he also likes "Garfield the Cat" books. Clay loves that series A Wrinkle in Time, and he was excited he even found a book here all about the author of the series too. He also likes books by Alex Ryder, and he's read Harry Potter too. We all find the books we want here.

The Milpitas Public Library is located at 160 N. Main St. Call 408-262-1171 or visit www.​santaclaracountylib.​org/​milpitas/.


Dan Manassau March 11, 2012 at 03:34 PM
Yes I use the library a lot and have never had anything but compolete satisfaction. Its a great libray and always has been.
Norm March 13, 2012 at 05:59 AM
Free libraries are an important part of a community - for checking out materials, studying, community events. I think we should always vote to fund them. I wish I had more time to read.
Mamta March 19, 2012 at 03:37 AM
We LOVE the Milpitas Library ! It is the most modern facility around the town. My kids are always eager to go to the library .It is spacious and has a immense selection of books and Dvds..There are lots of events and there are some free classes too. Staff is friendly and considerate. Milpitas residents are privileged to have a library like this one.Can go on and on:-)


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