Authors on Book about SF Giants Speak at Milpitas Rotary Club

Julie and Scott Jackson wrote 'Great Giants Stories"

Julie and Scott Jackson were the featured speakers at the Monday, Dec. 17 Milpitas Rotary Club meeting.

They shared their interesting story about how and why they wrote their book about the San Francisco Giants Major League Baseball Team, targeting young readers and fans of all ages. Julie started writing several years ago a chapter at a time.

The story begins in New York City, where the Giants got their name. They put their project aside for a while, but when they resumed the Giants were in the playoffs and then the 2010 World Series, which they won! Their 17 chapter manuscript was published after that. 

The Jacksons spent their spare time visiting numerous bookstores trying to sell their publication. And they had some good successes. Great Giants Stories is also available on the Internet at Amazon.com. Julie works as a freelance writer and editor for Red Pen Consulting, and Scott is an engineer and co-owner of Meridian Computing.

They both are longtime Giants fans who grew up in the Bay Area. They have two kids, Ben and Amanda, who both love baseball and books. 

The Milpitas Rotary Club meets at noon on Mondays at Brandon's Restaurant in the Beverly Heritage Hotel.


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