Why We Love the Milpitas WingStop

We caught up with two teachers who love the wings at Milpitas' WingStop.

We want to get to know the people of Milpitas better, and what they love about their hometown. So, each week, Milpitas Patch will be out and about in town, meeting people and talking to them about why they love this city.

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This week, we happened by on Milpitas Boulevard near the Town Center and City Hall, and met two teachers - Kaitlyn and Amy - from nearby Morrill Middle School who love to go out for a bite together on Fridays after the last bell rings. This week, they decided wings were the perfect treat.


PATCH: Do you come to WingStop a lot?

KAITLYN: Well, there's a group of us teachers from Morrill who go out every Friday after school. We probably come here at least once a month.

PATCH: Why do you love to come to WingStop?

AMY: These right here! (pointing to wings) The Louisville Rub are really good.

KAITLYN: Yes, they're excellent! I tried them once, and now I'm a total convert.

PATCH: But the Original Rub, those are these best. They are why I come here.

KAITLYN: This is a good place for our group to come because we can each just go up to the counter and order as we get here, and pay individually, rather than try and split up the bill, which can be a pain.

AMY: And they have good beer, which is a criteria. Plus, we really like the new soda machine. There's so many different flavors - more than you could imagine.

KAITLYN: Yeah, they're new, a lot of the WingStops are putting them in now.

PATCH: So what do the two of you teach?

KAITLYN: I teach Social Studies to seventh graders.

AMY: I teach math and life skills to sixth, seventh and eighth graders.


WingStop is located at 80 N. Milpitas Blvd. Call 408-956-WING or visit www.wingstop.com.


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