Community Concert Band Makes a Splash

Water-themed concert on June 17 brought images of pirates, submarines, American rivers and more.

Summer Concert Program:

  • Fantasy on America Sailing Songs by Claire Grundman (1952)
  • Water Music Suite by George Frederick Handell (1715) arranged by Hershy Kay (1950)
  • Hymn to Red October by Basil Poledouris arranged by Jerry Brubaker (1990)
  • America Riversongs by Pierre LaPlante (1991)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End by Hans Zimmer arranged by Ted Ricketts (2007)
  • Selections from Show Boat (musical) by Jerome Kern (1927) arranged by Robert Russell Bennett (1956)
  • Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss (1866) arranged by L.P. Laurendeau (1911)
  • Sea Songs by R. Vaughn Williams (1924)
  • Spoon River by Percy Grainger (1919) arranged by Robert Shelton (1999)
  • Jack Tar March by J.P. Sousa (1903)
  • Beach Boys Forever by Jerry Brubaker

Band Director: Jeff Yaeger


Vicky Tu*


Anne Andaloft

Elaine Aviles

Christy Ho

Karen Skinner*

Vicky Tu

Jessica Wu


Julie Lin

Vicky Xion


Susan Byrne*

Marion Lewis

Gilbert Tong

Robert Yaeger


Lyle G.

Alto Saxophone:

Skip Curtis

Bryan Le

Randy Nelson

Susan Yea*

Tenor Saxophone:

Kerri Cozens

Baritone Saxophone:

Patrick O’Brien


Jose Aviles, Sr.

Jose Aviles, Jr.

Paul Skinner*

Robert Sanchez

Jim Tidwell

Johnny Wong

French Horn:

Peter Nugyen

Wayne Martin*

Julie Nelson

Dan Smith

Julia Wong


Joseph Ayers*

Junette Ginger

Denise Whitney

Calvin Yan

Jeremy DiSalvo


James Andaloft*

Michael Aronson


Anthony Jennetti*

Alex Rossi


Kelly Bolton

Justin Horn

Tammy Wanzer

* indicates section leader


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