Councilmembers Chang and Wong Are Requested to Wear Pink and Go for a Walk

Councilmembers Barry Chang and Gilbert Wong are the only two of the five City Council officials who have not strapped on their walking shoes and joined Team Never Give Up on a breast cancer awareness training walk.

First the mayor slipped on his pink flamingoes, then a freshman councilmember draped pink over his shoulders. The next councilmember to join Team Never Give Up must have thought his rosy cheeks were enough pink because other than that we couldn’t see any other pink.

That’s three city officials down, Councilmembers Barry Chang and Gilbert Wong to go.

C’mon fellas, let’s get you out there with Alysa Sakkas, Carrie Reichenberger and the others for their final days of training.

Sakkas and Reichenberger are part of Team Never Give Up, a group of women who will be walking 60 miles over a three-day period in a Susan G. Komen Walk for a Cure in San Diego.

They’ve been inviting the community to join them on their training walks—the next one is Friday starting at 7:30 a.m. at the Starbucks on Stevens Creek and De Anza Boulevards (hint, hint)—to show support for breast cancer awareness.

The team already met it’s donation goals for the Walk for a Cure, but wants to keep attention on the disease that struck 1.6 million women worldwide in 2010, according to Susan G. Komen.

Never Give Up invites anyone and everyone to join them for all or part of their walk. Their first community awareness walk on Oct. 27 they were joined by Mayor Mark Santoro and his pink flamingo’d shirt, and when they strutted the streets again it was Councilmember Rod Sinks who donned the pink. On Wednesday Councilmember Orrin Mahoney showed up sans pink but ready with support.

Now, who can get Chang and Wong out there?

Editor's note: I offered $10 for a photo of Mayor Mark Santoro in pink. I'll offer the same to goad Chang and Wong out there, too. All in good fun, gentlemen, but I look forward to losing that money.

Alysa Sakkas November 08, 2012 at 02:18 PM
Everyone is invited to meet us at the Stevens Creek & De Anza Starbucks. You have three options: 1) Friday 11/9 7:30 am 2) Saturday 11/10 7:30 am AND 3) Saturday 11/10 9:30 am (we will loop back to pick up more people) Wear pink and refrain from any rain dances until Sunday. Anne - to quote Mayor Santoro "Anne should know not to underestimate the power of a $10 bet!"
Anne Ernst November 08, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Thanks Alysa...Hey Mayor Santoro-lesson learned!


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