Getting Hired at Target? Not so Easy

Target applicants used to have to complete 704 true/false questions about everything from politics to their sex life.

Looking for a job, either as full time as you can get, or maybe seasonal?

Sounds like if you want to work at Target it's not easy to get in.

An article by AOL Jobs suggests it's harder to get into Target than Harvard.

Here's the process at a California Target, according to the article:

"Target's hiring process for its new stores has been designed with military precision. Applicants take an on-spot assessment test, interview with two current employees, and are then escorted to the bathroom for an on-site drug test. If all goes well, they'll get a job offer, assuming their background check comes up clean."

Have you, or are you planning on applying for a position at a local Target store? What was the hardest job application process you've been through?


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