New 'Treasure Hunters' Business Opens in Milpitas

The store aims to fully outfit those with the desire to learn geo-caching or to hunt for precious metals, jewels, coins and the like.

If you've always dreamed of being a treasure hunter, Milpitas' newest business wants to help thst dream come true.

Thursday night, Mayor Jose Esteves cut the ribbon for the grand opening of the new Treasure Hunters Headquarters (THH) at 83 S. Main Street. 

THH has all the equipment one could possibly need to set out on a real treasure-hunting expedition, be it finding a lost diamond ring under a rock, discovering an ancient gold coin buried in the sand at the beach, panning for gold in mountain streams or even just spotting dropped coins around the city to save for a rainy day.

THH makes all of this possible by selling top-of-the-line metal detectors, prospecting equipment, reference books, gold maps, and much more.

THH is a real-life dream come true for the soon-to-be husband-and-wife pair of Jim McGee and Caroline Pegueros.

Pegueros has been living in Milpitas since the 1970s.

"My fiancé and I have been metal-detecting and prospecting for years, and we decided to kind of make our dreams come true and open this store and teach other people how to do it as well," she said.

In addition to selling all the necessary equipment, Pegueros said the store holds classes as well, for those who want to learn how to use a metal detector or even want to learn how to pan for gold.

"We just got our panning demo tables set up, so we'll be holding classes on how to pan for gold soon," she said.

Are you a geo-caching enthusiast? You can also find plenty of accessories for that at THH.

You can also browse the antiques, jewelry and collectibles other treasure hunters have found, on sale in the store. Or, if you find something fabulous on one of your own expeditions, you can sell it through THH on consignment.

So if the lure of treasure is pulling you in, head on over to Treasure Hunters Headquarters and support a brand-new Milpitas business.

Visit www.treasurehuntersheadquarters.com or call 408-262-4653.


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