Online Reaction to Samsung vs. Apple Patent Ruling is Swift and Passionate

Many consumers defend Apple and its copyrights; while others argue the verdict is a blow to fair competition in the consumer marketplace.


Public reaction to the jury’s decision that Samsung has infringed on design and software patents owned by Apple has been swift and passionate among tech users and consumers in the online world.  The much-anticipated verdict heavily favored Apple by awarding it more than $1 billion in damages.

Here are a selection of reader comments from various online tech and news websites:


From Tech Crunch:

Ryan Merket

Actually, this will spur innovation by forcing Samsung to build a new phone from the ground up.


Tyler Fox ·  Mountain View, California

No, this is what's highlighting the need for some patent reform. In this case, Apple DID sink a huge amount of time and resources into developing (and acquiring through other companies) the iPhone and related technologies. And they filed patents to protect their investment, which they have been reaping the rewards from. But most reasonable people would agree that they don't need protection for 20 years to recoup their investment and be compensated for the risks involved.


Raphael Nora Rose

One has to wonder when folks are going to see Apple for the bullies they are. I used to like Apple, but I won't buy anything from them again. Not too fond of a company that's more interested in the bottom line than the safety of the folks who make their products. Nor one that is as letigeous as they've become.


Greg Maletic  Special Projects at Panic

I'm disappointed in a patent system that would allow things like "scroll-bounce" to be patented. But that said, there's no doubt Samsung was ripping off Apple, down to the icons, and down to the pixel. I'm not sure how you'd propose Apple should react in that situation—or how you would react in such a situation—with a competitor literally copying your products.
I'd rather have a system where Apple won on copyright infringement—which Samsung clearly was doing—rather than patents, but hey, this is the system we have right now.


James Dabbagian  CSU Long Beach

This is a sad day for those of us who believe in fair competition and innovation. Apple's bullying is going to ruin innovation and potentially the technological advancement of this country.


Jeff Meyer  Sunnyvale, California

There was no doubt that Apple would prevail. Absolutely none. A simple walk through what Android was and how it's User Interface performed before then after Google saw the iPhone makes that perfectly clear. Google miscalculated that Apple would allow the iPhone UI be blatantly copied as Microsoft ripped off the MacOS UI in Windows in the 1990's.

This was a no-brainer. Now that Samsung is slayed, let the big dogs begin the Apple / Google battle begin. This was only an appetizer.


From Wired.com:

Sam Keaser  

It's ridiculous that Apple applied for UI patents of this nature, but it's more ridiculous that they were granted them. This isn't an issue that a randomly selected jury should be solving, our patent system needs a major overhaul; and it needs one with the guidance of top politicians, IP experts, and heavy hitters in the technology industry.

Josh Alexander

High tech situation being deliberated by idiots = everyone looses.


I think Apple in fact are obligated to allow others to use their patents for a "fair" licensing price. This law is designed exactly to prevent monopoly. But between us, the whole patent system and those who exploit them by pouring money into the legal system can f*ck off, if patents can be granted fo such obvious things.


Utter nonsense. The jury should be ashamed. This can start wars among countries over tech.
Posted by TelstarIII

Given that the design patent was indeed violated, sure. All said though, I bet that more than a couple folks at Microsoft are going to be re-thinking a few of their upcoming products...
Posted by Random_Walk

Whoa, that I did not expect. Of course there will be an appeal. Or how do these things work?
I think Samsung did copy Apple in certain areas. For instance, the original Galaxy looks just like the iPhone 3G. Whether Apple can patent these things and prevent them from copying them on these things is another matter.
Posted by myles taylor

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Ernest H Shrenzel August 25, 2012 at 03:15 AM
Samsung must now relocate its technologists from ItaeWon to Seoul, or maybe to ChejuDo. Of course assuming that they can extricate their hands from the cookie jar. Monday's stock quotes for Samsung and Apple will be the true market verdict!! TokyoErnie
David Simons August 26, 2012 at 08:01 AM
You know what this means? It means apple can get away with overcharging for their products; I mean they are the most valuable company in the world, and how did they become that? Look at the people who buy apple products, i.e. the well off. Everyone else, or the well off who retain a sense of modesty, buys a phone that does a parallel job for a much lesser price. The sheep, the wannabees and the look-at-me's will continue to buy apple products whilst ordinary sensible people, well off or otherwise, will buy another product that is of equal or better capability at a more sensible cost. Many people lust after perceived luxury, but they can't afford a Bently so they buy a Toyota. However, when it comes to items that sell further down the financial scale they have enough money (or credit) to look at the luf the market. Ironically, they love their Toyota because it does everything they need and does everything they need as well as a Bently


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