Tech Roundup: Cisco Kills its Cius Tablet; Analysts Love Sigma Designs Quarterly Report

As we start a short work week, here’s a look at the headlines made by Milpitas employers over the past week.

Cisco announced late last week that it’s giving up on its Cius business tablet. The tablet debuted two years ago, but never gained ground against personal tablet devices, most notably Apple’s iPad.

Cisco made the announcement in a blog post on its corporate web site. Senior Vice President OJ Winge noted the shift toward Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) at companies, a trend which allows employees to bring their personal devices to work. Cisco has done extensive research on
the movement and is focusing business efforts in that direction. 

Wall Street analysts reacted favorably to a quarterly earnings report by Milpitas based Sigma Designs. The maker of connected media platforms announced a 13 percent increase in net earnings over the previous quarter. But it’s the company’s revenue forecast for the second quarter of 2012 that has stock pickers really excited. Analysts had expected the company to produce $41 million in revenue, but the company says to
expect at least $61 million.

Biotechnology company Sage-N Research announced a collaboration with Pressure Biosciences, Valco Instruments, and LEAP Technologies. The companies are combining patents and proprietary technologies to develop a new sample preparation and data analysis platform for H/D exchange mass spectrometry. A schematic was unveiled at the annual American Society for Mass Spectrometry Conference in Vancouver, BC. The  companies will also combine marketing and sales efforts.


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