Fourth-Grade Writers Honored by Milpitas Rotary

A letter from Michelle Obama was read, too.

Milpitas Rotary Club presented story writing Fishtail Awards to three 4th Grade Alexander Rose School students, who participated with their classmates in Milpitas Rotary's Annual Fishing Day, Saturday, March 3, 2012. 

This year's winners:

Originality, the idea behind the story - Serenity MosquedaVoice, the way the story was written to keep the reader's attention to the end - Aiden Quijaro

Penmanship - Maya Soafien 

A request for recognitions was sent to First Lady Michelle Obama for last year's event (attached).

Michelle Obama's response (attached) for our 2011 Fishing Day Awards was received after 2011 Fishtail Awards were presented and was read at this year's 2012 Awards Event. Milpitas Firefighters Dave Peterson, Bill Yamada, and Isaac Lorenzana assisted Chairman John Jay in this year's presentations before a school Awards Assembly. 


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