Learn to Compost, Worms Come Free

Milpitas residents leave class with a pound of free redworms.

If you need compost for your garden, Santa Clara County is holding free classes now through November. And if you live in Milpitas, you can take home a pound of free redworms.

Compost workshops are free and open to all county residents. Students will learn how to mix grass clippings, leaves, yard trimmings and food scraps to produce a nutrient-rich soil amendment. They also will learn how to use worms to break down the same organic matter, called vermi-composting.

Compost bins will be for sale after class. An Earth Machine backyard composting bin is $55; a worm composting bin is $13. The classes are offered by the City of sunnyvale.

Bring proof of Milpitas residency to take home your free worms.

Sign up and learn more on the Compost Workshop Registration website.


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