Twitter: What They’re Saying About Milpitas

7-Eleven shooting, movies at the Great Mall,mountain biking up the Milpitas hills, and more.


Here’s a recent sampling of selected Twitter chatter about life, people, and activities in Milpitas:

Sept. 12:
B.NiKKi ‏@itsBRiTTNEYFbby
Check out these photos of the suspects and call Milpitas PD If u have info!! http://milpitas.patch.com/articles/surveillance-images-show-3-suspects-in-7-eleven-shooting#photo-11323393.


Sept. 11:
kimberly ann paras ‏@kimberparas
There was a 711 robbery/shooting in Milpitas?!?!!!! :( why am I just now hearing about this!!!!!!

Ryan Flonnoy ‏@Trainer_Ryan
@Ace_Sharon no, I explore for fun, I work in Milpitas.

Jason Burk ‏@twothirtyam
Home time!! (@ VTA I-880/Milpitas) http://4sq.com/S9ytVx

Cynthia Villafana ‏@CynthiaJV
@Taaaayruh69 OMGG. I'm going down there this weekend ❤ Yes, the great mall in Milpitas by San Jose has the best stores for dresses!

Sept. 10:
Mitch Cruz ‏@iamthemitchell
@still_phil "its kind ab weird.nothing like dat eber happen before...here...eber" #FOBonKCBS describing shooting in Milpitas.

Debbie Suzuki ‏@DebWorldOfBooks
@RavenousReadr :) Milpitas isn't that bad. It has the big century theaters at the great mall @BookaliciousPam @Lit_Explorer @arnoldjaime13


Sept. 9:
Brenda Tennyson ‏@BrendaTennyson
dance workshop yesterday was fun gonna be another one thursday at the milpitas library.

Bryan Le ‏@bbsl04
Set of relatives frm milpitas get to take new stand in milpitas , while im still stuck w/ th fremont 1, 12 miles from home :( #farmersmarket


Sept. 8:
KlassAkt Maceyy ‏@c2saucy
back 2 school college party tonight in milpitas #freakology2012 1100+ capacity 2460 KRUSE DR milpitas ca 95131 RT 4 ME lets get it lit!

on 4xKrazy bout to go fo a Mtn Bike ride up Milpitas Hills kuz this is my Life now! in it 2 win it! ya boy 2-STONE* @STONYDANZA MO4US*


Sept. 7:
Victoria Tapia ‏@veeeannn
Cops everywhere! Milpitas is starting to scare me.


Sept. 5:
BARRITZ™ ‏@Barritz
I just ousted @juliequintero as the mayor of Milpitas aka. Fog City on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/tX4uns


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