We Choose the Hero's Journey

Marie Oliver warns us not to give others the authority to speak or take action on our behalf, but to look within ourselves to find the courage and love necessary to lead in freedom.


We are walking upon a hero’s journey. 

Every one of us will walk this path - sometimes with others, but in the deepest sense, we walk it alone.  It requires a heart that is equal parts courage and love.  It requires facing insurmountable obstacles with undaunted purpose.  It requires a willingness to sacrifice all for those we love.  And it requires that we are fully present, in our own free will, in our own sovereign identity - for that is the difference between being a hero and a manipulated pawn.

Each one of us is being called upon to evaluate the state of our nation, maneuvered into insurmountable debt, its government corrupted and corporatized.  We are awakening to the deceptions that have shaped our decisions in the past and steer us, still, toward a predictable peril.  We are increasingly aware of the provocateurs in our midst who sensationalize the news or hurl the first rock at a protest march.  We can see the ever-more militarized police forming lines between our frustration and our all-too-predictable folly.  Whether it will be the sacrificing of our constitutionally guaranteed rights at a Constitutional Convention or our imprisonment as radical extremists, we can see the writing on the FEMA facility walls.  

We are walking into a trap.

At risk are the people we love and our ability to care for them.  At risk are our natural rights, systematically ignored by the government which was formed to protect them.  At risk is our soul as a nation, already so wounded and almost beyond recognition.

For too long, we have been silent, busy with our distractions, drowning in our own dissonance.  But others have been eager to speak on our behalf and make decisions that have not served anyone’s best interest.

Central banking and the Federal Reserve System serve the elites and the ruling class. Corporate-corrupted capitalism, like fascism or communism, is by any name the power of the few over the interests of the many.  The individual exists only to serve the collective good.  Wealth is sparingly distributed among the people to guarantee debt and a meager existence for most while granting unlimited power and wealth to a few.

The Military Industrial Complex has made a profitable business of making war - endless war - with chemicals in warheads that have contaminated embattled lands on nearly every continent.  Our soldiers’ souls are ripped apart by the inhumanity of war and their bodies bear the toxic residue of American-made chemicals and depleted uranium, which is the truly substantive product of nuclear power plants.

The chemical model of corporate agriculture is imposed on this nation’s farmers with unrealistic promises.  GMOs, including cross-species modifications, were deemed not substantially different from nature and foisted on the public with approval from the EPA. The pharmaceutical industry dictates legislation to mandate the use of their products.   Even our organic farms are being sprayed with geo-engineering chemicals, which will contaminate the land and our water supply.   Our well-being and the health of our land have been sacrificed for the monopolization of industrial wealth.

Our relationship to the land, to our environment, and our ability to heal ourselves and the land from industrial pollution was redefined by others to global governance standards and is being strategically stolen from us as surely as our own government stole this land from the indigenous tribes.  Our participation in the decision making is after the fact and facilitated by predetermined consensus manufacturing. The language of sustainability is, in fact, the legalese of global land control. 

It is ironic that the voice of Mother Nature is as co-opted as our own. We have let her down, as well as ourselves and those we love.  We have stumbled, we have made mistakes, but we see things with much more clarity now.  We can only heal ourselves, our loved ones, our lands and our economy by taking back our power and living up to our responsibilities.

As we find ourselves seemingly surrounded by corruption, we have to realize that we are at an advantage.  We know the trap of current events would steer our frustration into a predictable course where we would be further denied our natural rights as people and individuals.  We know the historical power of the few over the many, whether religious, social, economic or political in doctrine.  We recognize the eagerness of voices who would give away our sovereignty to stabilize the economy as an easy fix that would ensnare us in collective dependence. 

But, the advantage is ours, because corruption will no longer work as a model for power.  We are seeing the death throes of a desperate, dying animal.

It is only the sovereignty of the individual and dynamic balance of each individual within the larger group that will keep our society in balance.  It is only by looking within ourselves as individuals that we can fully comprehend our relationship to spirit and to creation, to our mortal family and to our future.  Our government, our culture, our economy and our relationships all deserve the full awareness of our individual consciousness, our sovereignty and respect.

We must think and speak for ourselves.  No organization or manufactured grassroots movement can speak on our behalf. We each have a voice and a conscience.

We must each be the hero of our own journey. Then, and only then, will we successfully be the heroes of our freedom, and the healers of our land.


Marie Oliver


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