Scotts Valley December Death Notices

See obituaries of people from Scotts Valley that passed away over the last month.

The following people with ties to Scotts Valley died in the last month. Click their names to read full obituaries. 

Harry Clayton Belleville Jr.: Resident of Scotts Valley. He was his high school valedictorian and became a chicken farmer. Passed away Dec. 29. He was 75. 

Dorothy Brasfield: Resident of Scotts Valley. She worked in accounting and lived in Scotts Valley since 1958. Passed away in her sleep Dec. 6. She was 90.

Harry Hara: Resident of Scotts Valley. He retired from Orchard Supply Hardware and liked to travel with his wife. Passed away Dec. 9 of lung cancer. He was 74. 

Ruth Hodges: Resident of Scotts Valley. She was known for her alto singing voice and her church volunteer work. Passed away Dec. 6. She was 92.

Douglas Kirby: Sexual health expert working in Scotts Valley. Died climbing a volcano in South America on Dec. 22. He was 59. 

Tom Lim: Worked his whole adult life in Scotts Valley markets. He left Chine in 1950 and was reunited with his parents 30 years later when they were allowed to come to the U.S. Passed away Dec. 2. He was 78. 

Ricky Lucero: Resident of Scotts Valley. Passed away while riding his bicycle, leaving behind a wife and two sons. Died Dec. 8. He was 45. 

Eileen Owen: Resident of Scotts Valley. She was married 65 years and worked as executive secretary for Santa Clara County. Passed away Dec. 3. She was 95.  

Robert Seely: Resident of Scotts Valley. He was retired police officer, eagle scout, duck hunter, Navy veteran, fisherman and private pilot. Passed away Dec. 5. He was 79. 

Phyllis D. White: Resident of Scotts Valley. She was a nurse and liked to knit and be with her dogs. Passed away Dec. 30 of breast cancer. She was 63. 

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