Here's What People Said Sunday About the Warriors Coming to Town

How do you think the Santa Cruz Warriors games will affect downtown business, and what about the parking issue?

Andrea Flores- Student/Counter Person

"It will bring downtown more business, but there is a give-and-take with everything. There will be more business but it will just be more hectic to park down there."

Robert Orlando- Food Service

"I think will be good for business, working at a pizza place we always get more business after events, it will make things more congested and as far as parking goes, I grew up in LA ,I'm not quite sure what you would do, we'll have to wait and see."

Joel Perdue- Self Employed

"I think the Warriors are good for the downtown Santa Cruz area. I really do. I think it will bring a lot more business downtown. With people coming early the restaurants and other businesses downtown will be popping off. It's a good thing for the downtown. Parking is already an issue,they have to do something down there,maybe build another three-story garage."

Kathy Kennelly- Heavy Equipment Operator

"Anything that brings more people with money downtown is going to help the businesses,it's a no-brainer... about the parking, I would make Front Street one-way, and have diagonal parking on both sides of the street."

Kathy Costello- Food Server

"I don't really care about basketball. Football is my game, but more people equals more business for downtown. The parking has sucked down here for years and I don't see it getting better no matter what anyone does."

Jim December 24, 2012 at 02:39 PM
It's good that those who can afford it enjoy it. I suspect the sellout crown included many political and media freeloaders in exchange for good words too. But I am concerned the money could have been used to address the chronic homeless/drug problem or maybe we just learn to live with it. Regardless, Merry Christmas to all!
Johnny at the Harbor December 24, 2012 at 05:24 PM
Frankly, Im surprised it worked out so well..forget about the Basketball..thats all good....and I havent heard about any fights, road rage or wild drunks in the area...or arn't the reports in by now? Hope it works out....and if I had a house near the "Biga Tent" I would rent out spaces on my lawns and driveway..Pick up a few extra bucks for the holidays.. Johnny at the Harbor Dreamer...
Brad Kava December 24, 2012 at 05:54 PM
The only citation given was to a Los Gatos man for urinating in the Wheel Works parking lot
Chris Jordan December 25, 2012 at 04:29 AM
Very pleasing so far... the city spends money we don't have for an "advisor" who suggests an anchor store (I think he meant north Pacific Ave.). A few months later we have Surf Dog, then a coming sorts bar, then a Wallgreens. then the basketball Arena, then Surf Dog doubles in size. All this on SOUTH Pacific Ave. almost next door! Sidewalks are still crumbling and dangerous - but improvements in this part of town make me smile ear to ear that we don't have a library down here :-D . I love being put on the map for positive growth instead of Santa Cruz being a 'Murder Capitol' as it was in 1970.
Susan Morin December 30, 2012 at 06:54 PM
It was NOT a sell--saw it on TV...1/3-1/4 empty seats. Driving through town Sucked--there was NO parking, unless you wanted to PAY $10 to park in Free Public Parking Lots near the pavilion. ...and the game??? I have seen far better High School games than that! Why wold anyone pay money to see a weak game, unorganized games all over the place, and a camera operator who is still learning to good shots to take...blaugcth! Not interested...period. Support local shops only...and btw we don't need Kaiser Permanente's "pre" advertising either. They don't need to be in SC County either. We have tons of good healthcare already including orthodox medicine and alternative medicine.


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