Pay to Use an Express Lane at 880/237 Interchange?

The VTA project gives solo drivers the option of using existing carpool lanes to get through the 237 and I-880 interchange—for a toll.

For commuters tired of the weekday traffic bottleneck at the Highway 237 and Interstate 880 interchange in Milpitas, relief may be coming in the form of new express lanes.

Through the use of dynamic pricing, VTA officials will construct express lanes (now carpool lanes) to allow solo drivers to use the underused lanes—for a toll.

Specific prices for solo drivers using those lanes has not yet been determined. But VTA officials say the toll will be dynamic, meaning it will vary depending on the amount of congestion on the freeway at any given time. Similar express lane projects across the country have tolls ranging from $1-$10.

To read the entire article by Milpitas Patch contributor Rob Klindt .


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