Kids Can't Sit in Hot Cars, CHP Reminds Parents

A demonstration this week showed just how hot a car can get.

As summer temperatures rise, it's imparative for parents to be aware of how warm the interior of a car get and not risk their children's health by leaving kids in the vehicle.

The California Highway Patrol conducted a demonstration this week about how quickly temps rise in a parked car.

Using a device to measure the interior temperature of a vehicle versus the exterior temperature, and the difference was alarming. One reading was taken after 10 minutes and the second was taken after 15 minutes. With an outdoor temp of about 84 degrees, the interior of the car was 25 degrees hotter, according to CHP officer Erica Elias. 

State law prohibits kids 6 or younger from being left inside a car unless they are supervised by someone age 12 or older if conditions present a significant risk or the keys are in the ignition, according to Elias.

Patch's "Ask A Cop" feature last month explained that.

If a child is injured or killed by conditions inside a hot car, the person responsible can be charged with child endangerment or manslaughter, Elias said.


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