Milpitas Man Dies in Early Morning Collision

A 65-year-old Milpitas man died shortly after being transported to a Bay Area hospital Friday morning.

A 65-year-old Milpitas man died early Friday morning after his vehicle collided with a SUV driven by a 23-year-old Milpitas man at the intersection of Jacklin Road and Hamilton Avenue.

About three fire rigs, one paramedic rig and five officers were dispatched to the 300 block of Jacklin Road and Hamilton Avenue around 6:59 a.m., where the youth’s tan 2004 Volvo XC90 and the man’s White Mitsubishi Galant came to rest inside Strickroth Park.

The extent of the 65-year-old man's injuries are unknown, but Milpitas Police Sgt. Gene Smith said he succumbed to his injuries shortly after being transferred to a Bay Area hospital. 

The 23 year old remained at the scene, and didn’t appear to have any injuries. 

“I don’t think there was any visible stuff, and he didn’t require any medical treatment, so as of now there’s nothing there as far as injuries on the 23 year old,” Smith said. 

How the vehicles came to collide is unknown at this time, but Smith said one or both of the vehicles appear to have either major or moderate damage. The driver side door of the Mitsubishi appears to be completely crushed, and may have been pushed into a tree from the impact, the Milpitas Post reports.   

Few details about the accident were available as of Friday afternoon. 

“I don’t have any other details aside from fact that two vehicles collided and a driver was transported and pronounced dead at the hospital,” Smith said.

Traffic investigators are investigating the accident right now in an attempt to determine where the actual accident occurred and how it happened. 

Since the accident was fatal, police are treating the scene of the investigation as a crime scene by surveying the area and collecting as much information as possible before making a determination regarding which party is responsible for the crash. The victim’s name will not be released until that time, Smith said. 

“We’ll work with the investigators as soon as they’re done and find out what the final outcome is,” Smith said. “Whether the investigation is criminal or not criminal in nature will determine when the victim’s name will be released.”

The right eastbound lane on Jacklin Road is blocked, and isn’t expected to be cleared for the next three to four hours while investigators remain on scene, Smith said. 

Anyone with any information regarding the accident is asked to call the Milpitas Police Department at 408-586-2400 or the anonymous tip line at 408-586-2500.

Patch will update this article if and when more information is available. 

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