Milpitas PD To Residents: Report Odd Activity

Here's how.

As residential burglaries rise around the city, Milpitas Police offer the following tips to protect your home: 

  • Always lock all doors and windows when leaving home-even if only for a short time.

  • Keep all windows and doors closed and locked even if at home and especially at night.

  • Keep garage door closed and locked.

  • Keep side gates locked at all times.

  • Install and use deadbolt locks on exterior doors.

  • Install and use a burglar alarm and/or surveillance cameras.

  • Put an alarm sign in a prominent location in front of the residence.

  • Install motion activated exterior lighting.

  • Get to know your neighbors and their associated vehicles.

  • Join or start a Neighborhood Watch program.

  • IMMEDIATELY report ANY suspicious activities to the Milpitas Police Department.

  • Dial 911 for crimes in progress and emergencies. 

suzanne stone williams June 08, 2012 at 03:12 PM
We had a break in on our street and believe the perpetrators came to our door as well. A couple of young guys knocked on the door. My 19 y.o. daughter answered the door and they asked, "Is Clayton here". An hour later the house across the street was burglarized. The police told us that knocking on someone's door to see if anyone is home is a popular method lately. Police suggested always responding in some way to a knock on the door, even if it is just to say 'who is it' -- otherwise you might find them on your back patio trying to break in. From now on, if anyone knocks on our door asking for someone who doesn't live here I will be calling the police!
Genevieve Bookwalter June 08, 2012 at 06:57 PM
Wow. Thanks for letting us know!


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