Thwart Commercial Storage Break-ins

Storing your stuff in commercial storage? With a number of break-ins, the Milpitas Police Department issues this advisory.

The city of Milpitas has experienced an increase in commercial storage burglaries.

Suspects have entered the storage yards by unknown methods and have cut padlocks off individual storage units. The suspects have taken a variety of items and personal belongings from the individual storage lockers. 

There have been approximately 13 burglaries at storage facilities throughout the city since January of this year.

The  recommends the use of a “disc” type padlock, which is made of hardened steel and is more difficult to defeat. The disc padlocks are often available at the storage facilities or other retail outlets. Burglars may bypass lockers that use disc-type locks because of the time necessary to defeat the locks.  

It is highly recommended that customers visit their storage units regularly to ensure the units are secure. Customers should immediately notify the police department if they notice suspicious persons, vehicles or activities at a storage facility. Customers should not share their individual gate codes with others or allow individuals to follow them into storage facilities. 

Anyone with any information regarding storage-unit thefts or related incidents is encouraged to call the Milpitas Police Department at 408-586-2400. Information can be given anonymously by calling the Milpitas Police Department Crime Tip Hotline at 408-586-2500, or via the website

Ed August 23, 2011 at 03:26 PM
A follow up to this story would be to identify those storage facilities that have been hit, especially if there have been repeat burglaries. It would behoove the owners/operators of these storage facilities to review their external/internal security and make plans to install if they don't have something in place now and improve what they already have as opposed to allowing status quo.
Adelaide Chen August 23, 2011 at 04:05 PM
That's true, we could ask MPD for more detailed info on which of the ten or so storage facilities in town were broken into. Are more people interested in finding this out?


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