Large Field Fights For City Council Seats

Seven candidates will battle for just two available seats, including one being vacated by a long-time public servant.

A crowded pack of candidates is vying for two seats on the Milpitas City Council this November.

The ballot was finalized Monday.

Vice Mayor Pete McHugh, a long time local politician, is not seeking re-election to his position. He ran for a state assembly seat but failed to make the November ballot.

Current Councilwoman and local real estate broker Debbie Giordano is seeking re-election. She'll be challenged by six newcomers.

The city council ballot will look like this:

  • Garry Barbadillo
  • Rajeev Madnawat
  • Deepka Lalwani
  • Carmen Montano
  • Mark Tiernan
  • Ola Robert Hassan
  • Debbie Giordano

    Milpitas Patch will have in-depth candidate profiles as the November election approaches.

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Dan Manassau August 16, 2012 at 03:53 PM
The field doesn't look crowded to me. It's a no brainer this time. Jose Esteves is the only one on the current council who has stood up to the Bay Area Municiple Employees Monopoly and actually tried to bring city employee compensation, benefits and pensions down to a reasonable and sustainable level. None of he incumbants have joined with him in that efforts. Garry Barbadillo and Rajeeve Madnawat are running with Jose's support to end the monopoly the union employees have enjoyed for the last two decades. I am committed to support them and vote for all three. Big changes are needed. Debbie Giordano has spent her time on the council chasing windmills and picking fights with the other council members and private citizens. When I pointed out that she was the recipient of outragious medical benefits at our expense she immediately tried to discredit me by falsely slandering my good reputation. She likes to fight dirty and it's time to turn her out. I know Deepka Lalwane and she seems to be a good person, but we need new faces with the courage to speakout. Carmen Montano is running again. May be she needs a job. He was Mchughs campaign manager and seems to put the union employees ahead of us. He also doesn't seem to know the compaign donation laws as he accepted large illegal donations from Fat Cat donors. Just another lacky catering to the union monopoly. Ola Hassan is a local businessman. We have seen him before.
Allen King August 16, 2012 at 04:47 PM
This is from the City Clerk's Webpage. Contact them to find out what they plan to do for us. 1. Rajeev Madnawat (408) 802-0933 1431 Arizona Ave. rkmlaw@gmail.com Attorney/Engineer 2. Garry Barbadillo (408) 772-1784 1840 Edsel Drive gbarbadillo2012@gmail.com Consumer Attorney 3. Mark Tiernan (408) 263-6275 302 Silvera Street mark@marktiernan.com Business Owner 4. Deepka Lalwani (408) 956-9115 2305 Glenview Drive plalwani@aol.com Business Woman 5. Debbie Giordano (408) 945-8988 1916 Grand Teton Drive giordanodj@aol.com Councilmember 6. Carmen Montano (408) 649-3282 369 Summerfield Drive carmen_montano@att.net Teacher 7. Ola Hassan (408) 439-1944 340 Celebration Drive ola@olascorner.com Entreprenuer
Allen King August 17, 2012 at 12:34 AM
At last someone with courage to speak clearly about some of the people who are running. I search for Carmen Montano and found out her election agenda when she ran in 2010 and again this time. It appears Montano is so far removed from the realities on the ground. Her main focus is to reduce traffic. She hasn't mentioned any real issue the city is facing. And Debbie. We all love her for her theatricals in and out of city council chambers. She doesn't have anything to show for in her 8 years in city council. So, just like before she will focus on negative campaigning and spreading lies. She gave the city manager 6% raise in the same month city of laying off tens of city employees. She plays where she sees a personal benefit. Mr. Tiernan, aha. He claims to be a businessman. Really? Anybody can register a company and call himself "the CEO." All he has done in the last decade is to run election offices of local candidates. He has no agenda for the city. He is a union buddy and will take the city down the sewer, if elected. Ola Hassan, gosh. Why is he spending his money and resources? He should focus more on his small coffee shop. People like him only show their faces once in 8 years and hope that somehow they could fool us. No sir. Gone were the day.... intelligent


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