Milpitas Council Considering Fee Increases, Firefighter Cuts

New minimum staffing levels for Fire Department would mean fewer personnel on duty but all stations would remain open.

The Milpitas City Council will consider raising development fees in the 437-acre Transit Area and cutting the minimum daily staff level for the Fire Department from 15 firefighters and a Battalion Chief to 12 firefighters and a Battalion Chief.

A staff report prepared for the council says that if the new staffing levels are adopted, four firefighters could be laid off.  The staff report doesn’t mention how much money the city would save if the layoffs go through.

The council will also look to increase Transit Area Development Impact Fees.  The fees are meant to pay for upgrades to utilities, parks and roadways in the 437–acre transit area.

According to the staff report, the city hopes to have new multi-family residences, hotels, offices and retail move into the area that is now home to low-intensity industrial uses.

The fees were first adopted in 2008 and were raised in 2010.  The proposed fee increases reflect the increased cost of construction of infrastructure and land acquisition.

Fees would increase 17 to 21 percent depending on the proposed development.  The staff report doesn’t indicate how the fee increases might affect future development in the Transit Area because to date, no new development has occurred in the area since the fees were first adopted.

The council will meet at 7 p.m. at 455 East Calaveras Bl. 

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earl bradley February 01, 2013 at 08:50 PM
Do not cut them or the police dept. Take a day off a week and help us.. Haven't seen you at my door when things go wrong. Just keep on floating down the river in the new LOVE BOAT city hall. God, help me go back to 1984 when this was an All American small town. Still time to correct it. Save our heroes, save our children from predators. GOD BLESS OUR FIREFIGHTERS, POLICE. They are always welcome in my house. Maybe not you or your policies for saving Money, not lives. The EMT squad saved my life 3 years ago with quick response time. I owe them! Why would you people cut that back.
earl bradley February 01, 2013 at 09:08 PM
Hey! As I see it, every parcel of land is being developed for housing and the rail lines will be here soon. Who will be responsible for the overpopulation (schools, transportation, etc) .Great cash cow, but who will be responsible for their safety. Once again, POLICE, FIREFIGHTERS. Imagine if there is a fire with all of the people cramped into a small area. (2 exits per development). You will need more staff than you have now. Keep them and employ more of them for our sakes. I look at these developments and see one BBQ causing a 1-2-3- fire. It's scary.


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