Milpitas Unemployment at 10.2 Percent

Slight improvements among cities in Santa Clara County compared to six months ago.

In August, while California's unemployment rate increased to 12.1 percent, Santa Clara County's unemployment rate dropped below 10, according to the state Employment Development Department data released today. 

At 9.9 percent, the county ranks ninth in California for the proportion of active job seekers to the employed labor workforce. In the top two spots are Marin County at 7.3 percent and San Mateo County at 8.3.

Milpitas' unemployment rate was 10.2 percent in August, compared to when it hovered at 10.6 percent.

Here's how Milpitas and the rest of the cities stacked up:

Total labor force Number employed Number unemployed Unemployment rate Gilroy 21,400
14.8% Morgan Hill  17,800 15,500 2,300 12.3% San Jose 465,600 414,300 51,300 11.0% Milpitas 32,100 28,800 3,300 10.2% Santa Clara 57,000 51,800 5,200 9.1% Campbell 22,700 20,700 1,900 8.5% Sunnyvale 75,700 69,300 6,500 8.5% Mountain View 42,300 39,100 3,100 7.4% Los Gatos 15,400 14,400 1,000 6.5% Cupertino 24,400 22,800 1,600 6.4% Palo Alto 31,600 29,900 1,700 5.3% Los Altos 12,700 12,100 600 5.1% Saratoga 13,400 12,700 700 5.0% Santa Clara Co. 886,100 798,200 87,900 9.9%

Source: California Employment Development Department. August 2011 figures.

Linda E Lopez September 16, 2011 at 11:48 PM
Part of the reason is because businesses are treating their employees badly. Only hiring PT so they dont have to pay benefits. Firing employees that have been with them a long time because they are making more money then a new PT would be paid. OSH is one of those companies. They used to treat their employees well, now they know that if one employee doesnt work out (no matter what the reason) there are 10% of the population waiting out there for jobs.
Adelaide Chen September 17, 2011 at 12:36 AM
Thanks for pointing that out, Linda. It's true that someone can count as "employed" even if they're working part-time and with no benefits. Definitely an employers market out there with all the job seekers.


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