Watch: Not All Drivers are Stopping at New Downtown Stop Signs

The new stop signs have been installed but not all cars are stopping..

The new stop signs at First and F Streets in downtown Benicia were installed Tuesday morning, November 26 but not all the drivers on First Street are aware the signs are in place.

A release sent by the Benicia Public Works department explains that the all-way stop was initially requested by the surrounding  neighborhood and subsequently referred to the Traffic Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee (TPBS) for consideration.

The TPBS Committee is made up of two Council Members, a Police representative, the City Engineer and the Senior Civil Engineer.

The release went on to say that after careful review of traffic and accident data, an extensive public outreach effort including First Street businesses, and public testimony at their October meeting, the Committee unanimously recommended the installation of the all-way stop to improve traffic circulation and pedestrian safety 

Drivers are advised to exercise caution when passing through this intersection over the next several weeks until new traffic patterns are established.

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JB Davis November 28, 2012 at 06:31 PM
Kenny, that's a great idea. I have to agree with Mickey D that pedestrians need to own responsibility for their own safety. Most of the near misses I've seen involve pedestrians stepping into a crosswalk without even looking to see if there is oncoming traffic. This is stuff we learned in second grade folks. Drivers are looking for people in the crosswalk, not people on the sidewalk and about to enter the crosswalk.
james November 28, 2012 at 09:47 PM
and no body stops at stop signs anyway they do calif stops and look at people waiting for the light there all looking down at there cell phones its real funny at night with there lighted up faces look at me im on my cell officer lol thats all !!and yes if you want to get hit just step out and try to cross the st..... here in lovely benicia ps. no where good to eat here blaaaaaaaaaaa
D November 29, 2012 at 02:41 AM
Many still do NOT stop at 1st & J and those stop signs have been there for years. Some drivers seem to think 1st Street has no stops. Also, there are many many jaywalkers on 1st, is the city ever going to do something about them? (Give extra high fine for those that cross diagonally?)
Stephanie November 29, 2012 at 05:33 AM
It's rare that I cross on first street because to do so is to risk being run down. I step out so that the people in the moving vehicles can see me, but often I end up waiting for several (and I mean 5-10) cars to pass, even after they have seen me waiting to cross. They are usually chatting on their iphones, too busy to watch for peds. On the flip side, when I am driving on first, I often have to slam on my breaks because people walk across without even heeding traffic. Unless a person stands out in front of the parked cars, it is impossible to see them waiting to cross, and by the time I apply my breaks after spotting them, I end up stopping in the middle of the crosswalk. Now that I work on first street, I see everyday what a huge mess it is: parking, pedestrians, etc.
GARY WHEELER November 30, 2012 at 12:47 AM
How about a blinking yellow light on a construction marker set close to the curb at each of the new stop signs on First Street? As someone who lives down W. F Street, I am very happy to have this new stop sign as it can take an unusually long period of time to wait for a clear shot to pull out onto First Street.


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