Need a Ride to School?

Milpitas Unified students are encouraged to "school pool."

The following press release is via Milpitas High School.

School Pool - an exciting new FREE Carpool program!  See the details below.... 

1)    Check out the innovative new service—School Pool. School Pool helps us to reduce car trips to and from school and other activities, thus reducing traffic-related congestion and greenhouse–gas emissions.  

We encourage families to register online to join a SchoolPool to carpool, walk, or bike bike together to and from school with other interested families. It’s quick and easy:      

  • Parents register to receive a match list of other families who travel a similar route to school.·         
  • The match list protects privacy by sending only your name and e-mail or phone contact numbers (you decide) to enable you to discuss forming a SchoolPool.·         
  • This helps parents find and organize SchoolPools for after school to their many activities like sports, rehearsals, classes, after-care programs, and camps.   

2) Our School District and schools encourage you to take a minute to check out the exciting new SchoolPool program. You can request a SchoolPool match list of other families interested in carpooling, walking, biking or taking the bus together to school.

Register at https://www.schoolpool.511.org?client=mhs to help reduce greenhouse gases and traffic congestion in our community.  

3) school pool \ verb \ where families find others in their neighborhood to carpool, walk or bike together to and from school. Synonyms: Rideshare, Carpool 

Questions? Contact our SchoolPool organizer, Matt at mattjoewood@gmail.com


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