ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: Milpitas Girls Soccer Player Lora Lee

The Trojans forwards leads the team with 10 goals; Trojans finish off regular season Wednesday night against Santa Clara.

Career Highlight: “This year being a team captain and a leader,” Lora Lee said. “Coach made all of us pick out goals we wanted to reach. I wanted to score 10 goals. I just scored my 10th goal against Wilcox last week. It felt really good to reach my goal and help my team win.”  

Go-to Move: “I really like it when I have the rest of my forwards up with me,” Lee said. “It takes some of the pressure off my shot if I know that I have help behind me.”

 Mac or PC?  “Macs, they look cool,” Lee said.

College Plans: “I’m not sure yet, but I know I want to keep playing soccer,” Lee said. “Physical activity is very important to me.”  

Favorite Activity off the Field: “I love to play Ultimate Frisbee,” Lee said. “When it’s not soccer season, I try to get out and play it every weekend with my friends. I started playing my freshman year.”

Favorite TV Show: Pretty Little Liars.

Best Game: “The game against Wilcox this year that we won 6-0,” Lee said. “We all worked really well together during that game. The Saratoga game is another good one. We tied them, 0-0, but they have a really strong team. Everyone wanted that game really bad.”

Teammate(s) You’ll Never Forget: “My best friend, Jennifer Hamilton,” Lee said. “We played together for a couple years. She started playing varsity soccer with me when I was a sophomore. It was nice having her with me during that time.”

The final two questions of the interview were directed to Milpitas High girls soccer coach, Michael Tomlin.

Best Skill: “Leadership, she’s a four-year starter and the girls all look up to her,” Tomlin said. “She’s that one forward that other teams are definitely aware of. She’s a blue collar player that brings all the intangibles to the field as well.”

Lasting Memory: “Her father passed away in the middle of the season last year,” Tomlin said. “She just really maintained her composure before and after it happened. She took her time to grieve, but really showed so much strength and was able to hold things together. It showed how much character and strength she really has.”


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