Local Agencies Find Homes for 1,000 Animals Over Holidays

Milpitas' Humane Society Silicon Valley, along with several local partner agencies, met their goal of securing adoptions for 1,000 animals over a three-week period last month.

For the staff and volunteers of (HSSV) in Milpitas, there was a whole lot more to celebrate on Dec. 31 than just the countdown to 2012.

In partnership with six other local agencies, HSSV met its goal of finding homes for a whopping 1,000 animals over the three-week period leading up to New Year's Eve last month.

In fact, they surpassed that goal.

Between Dec. 9 and 31, a total of 1,128 animals were adopted; 376 of those came from HSSV. That's a 73 percent increase over the same time period last year.

"Getting more than 1,000 pets adopted in less than 30 days is a true testament to six area shelters working together within the community," said Carol Novello, HSSV's president.  "We are all dedicated to finding homes for animals across Silicon Valley."

To sweeten the deal for families considering adopting an animal during the "Home for the Holidays" campaign, HSSV and the City of San Jose Animal Care Center, Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority, the County of Santa Clara Animal Shelter, Palo Alto Animal Services and Towncats of Morgan Hill all to help meet their goal.

For more information about the "Home for the Holidays" campaign or adopting an animal in Silicon Valley, visit www.wecareproject.org.


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