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Mayflower Seafood Restaurant
428 Barber Ln, Milpitas, CA 95035

This bustling fine Cantonese and seafood restaurant offers an expansive selection of live seafood, such as crab,More lobster, fish, shellfish, or mollusks, in addition to signature rice, noodle, soups, and vegetable dishes. Talented chefs whip up new creations every few months, so do ask the servers about chef specials or seasonal suggestions.

Each dish is representative of the restaurant's taste in quality and display, with flavorful sauces, marinades, soups.  Aesthetic presentation of each dish is also not lost among the many orders shuttled into the kitchen.  All seafood dishes are live upon ordering--glass tanks with fish and crustaceans line a wall behind diners. Guests may enjoy lunch with coworkers during the week, dress up for a dinner date, or plan a family dinner.  A selection of tasty, homemade desserts after dinner is available, such as mango pudding, grass jelly, cakes, or sweet bean soups.

Their widely-popular dim sum is served every weekend, Saturday and Sundays.  Steaming carts piled with an assortment of fried, baked, and steamed goodies are pushed through the rows of tables, where you will find dim sum staples such as shu mai and shrimp balls, in addition to restaurant specialties and desserts.  Guests are also able to order dim sum items off the menu.  

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant invites patrons into an exquisite, contemporary atmosphere, with a large banquet room that can be transformed into venues for weddings, engagements, birthdays, or office functions.  Also available for private events are separate party rooms and a full bar room shelving a multitude of alcoholic beverages behind its bar counter.  Each of these rooms are fitted with flat-screen televisions.  

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