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I am starting this blog as a member of the Committee to Save Schaberg Library.  I used to be a Library Board member, but resigned in January when I was told that I should keep my enthusiasm and support for Schaberg to myself.  Once it was clear that I could do more for Schaberg's survival off the board than on, my decision to resign was simple.  The Committee to Save Schaberg Library is made up of people to whom this library is very important:  Mothers of school age children, local professionals, people for whom the library and its resources cannot be replaced easily.
On a more personal note I am a parent of two teen girls (14 and 17), my husband and I have lived in Redwood City since 1988.  I am an active supporter of  and volunteer for our local public education system.  I have been reviewing children's literature for 15 years and have served on various professional committees.
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